Monday, October 10, 2011

War in the Blue Nile Region

The Blue Nile region is located in the middle region of Sudan, close to the new boarder that divides North and South sudan. This area in the past month ha become a place of violence and terror for its habitants. Fighting between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the loyal SPLA members has left many injured and in hospitals. Air raids dropping bombs on villages is of the most common. The lack of hospitals is not the only issue, the supplies to treat these wounds are running out fast. There have been over 600 amputations in the past month. The bombings are completely random like most of the violence and raids that occur in Sudan. Bashir has blocked any foreign aid from entered the area of the blue nile. Most think the random bombing is a tactic to demoralize the rebel armies. This is important because now there are about 1.2 million people on the move from their homes in the blue nile. This is just another humanitarian crisis developing in Sudan, following the patterns of a deadly trend.

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