Sunday, October 23, 2011

Humanitarian Situation in South Kordofon and Blue Nile

The government representative for the United Special, Princeton Lyman wants Khartoum to allow international organizations to evaluate the humanitarian situation in border states of South Kordofon and the Blue Nile. Lyman met with Osman, the foreign ministry undersecretary, in an attempt to accomplish a plan of action to settle disputes in the border region of Abyei. Osman’s response was that the situation in Abyei was political not humanitarian and is irritated the North and South have not had meetings regarding security issues.

Fighting occurred earlier this year in the two border states of South Kordofon and Blue Nile region. Both of these states were allies to South Sudan during the civil war but became a part of the North when the South gained independence. Marawih, the foreign ministry spokesperson explained that Osman accused the SPLM for the animosity because it did not withdraw forces from South Kordofon and Blue Nile, according to the 2005 Peace Agreement. The Sudanese government is not open to the SPLM-N troops staying. The government has tried to disarm the SPLM in the two states. The international community was blamed for making it a humanitarian circumstance putting more stress on Khartoum instead of the party responsible for the fighting.

Taryn Vaughan

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