Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Media Forum in South Sudan Talks About Press Freedom

On the 22nd of October, South Sudan hosted a media forum in Juba, urging the news media to be unbiased and deliver objective journalism as the country starts to mature out of their new independence. The country is trying to initiate an independent media base that is not pressured by the government officials. The chairman of the Union of Journalists of Southern Sudan Oliver Modi spoke to the Committee to Protect Journalists to raise concerns over the eight attacks against the press in 2011. This forum was set up to ease the fears of journalists that are nervous about reporting criticism about the South Sudanese government. Topics discussed included press freedom and making the media independent from the government. The next step will be to pass clear legislation on media by the South Sudanese government to establish the place of journalism in this new country.

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Title of the artice: South Sudan Media Forum calls for Objective Reporting

-Kathleen Fultz

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