Sunday, February 21, 2010

Serb Pararmilitary Group in Croatia

By: Erica McCauley

Serb paramilitary group, Croatian Friendship Group, will be going to Zagreb on Monday. Friendship Group's president, Janko Veselinovic, claims that this is an attempt to get the two presidents to have a cordial meeting. Veselinovic decided to execute this plan when Serb president, Boris Tadic, refused to attend the inauguration of the new Croatian president, Ivo Josipovic. There is no meeting planned to this date; however, the group's goal is to initiate conversation between both presidents. Its is time for Serbia and Croatia to put their pride aside and discuss unresolved issues from the wars in the 90's. These problems include: "the return of refugees, the construction of infrastructure in places where they would return to, so that their return could be successful, the unresolved border questions, the seized properties, and a very important part of our talks must be the initiative for improving the circumstances of the Croatian minority in Serbia. Because of all of this, communication cannot afford to be delayed. (Becker, 1)"
On another note, Serbian member of parliament Nebojša Radelkovic will travel to Croatia on Monday to begin a peace talk to have both countries drop the genocide lawsuits against one another. It seems that there are many high officials within both Croatia and Serbia that wish to see a patched relationship between the two states.

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