Monday, February 22, 2010

Celts in Croatia?

Cultural Lesson from the Balkans:

Thought the Scots owned the copyright to the infamous bagpipes? Think again . . .

"The twobored bagpipe system is used by all nations within the Carpathians including Slovakians, Hungarians, Rumanians, Serbians and Croatians" A blog article entitled

Croatian Bagpipe from the Drava River Region in A

discusses the uniqueness of the Hungarian/Croatian bagpipe. It originates in the northeast near the area of the Drava River and the Hungarian boarder. Unlike others of its kind, it is tuned to the key of A. Hence, if one is accustom to the northern isle instrument tunes, the sound of this contraption may appear very different and unusual to untrained ears. Also, the type of songs and tunes played on this sack of air differ from other Balkan music (particularly the southern style of Dalmatia in Croatia.)

If one were to explore the numerous comments on the article, one would find a heated debated over the true origination of Balkan and Greek "bagpipes."

Check out the link for pictures and youtube video in the kitchen of enthusiast Andor Vegh.

by: Calaya

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