Monday, February 22, 2010

Milosevic's Money-Man Starts Re-Trial

Angela Hager

Mihalj Kertes, the former chief of customs services for Yugoslavia, is going to start a three year process all over again. Kertes allegedly funneled $80 million from customs revenues into Milosevic's socialist party. These funds were crucial to Milosevic.

Now, because a panel judge has been replaced, the trial is going to start over from the beginning. Kertes is being tried in a Serbian court, in which the accused is tried by 3 judges. When one is replaced, the trial starts over again.

Kertes is one of four originally tried. Milosevic was also to be tried for embezzlement, but died in 2006. Of the two other men, one also died, and the other is already in prison for war crimes.

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