Monday, February 22, 2010

"God bless . . .ummmm, I mean Salaam."

It is interesting to note after all the previous discussions of EU candidacy, two of the states in question will meet this week.

Chairperson of the Croatian Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee Frano Matusic will be received in Istanbul first by the Chairman of the Turkish parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee Murat Mercan and second by Alaattin Buyukkaya, Chairman of the Turkey-Croatia Inter-parliamentary Friendship Group.

Bukukkaya is also a duputy of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's Justice and Development (AK) party, which has the majority in parliament.

Who knew such a "Friendship Group" group existed? But why is the more intriguing question . . .

The fascination in two fold:
1) In summation, the AK is in power mostly due to the extremely devote, even fanatical, Muslims of Turkey [originating from the eastern part of the country, such people are known as maganda.] But Croatia is Roman Catholic. And if history and our study of the war of the 90s testifies to anything, Croatia really hasn't cared all that much about Muslims in the past. Hence, why the "friendship"?
2) With the visit only lasting two days and some change, and the fact that Turkey's current government is known to be highly religiousized AND extremely corrupt, what does "civilized" Roman Catholic Croatia have to discuss with "middle-eastern"/"unsafe" Islamic Turkey--and in such short amount of time?

Only the close of the week may be able to point to answers.

by: Calaya

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