Monday, February 22, 2010

Kosovo Sparks Divisions in the EU

With the second anniversary of Kosovo's deceleration of independence approaching, divisions with the European Union continue to arise. According to the Guardian, A court ruling from the International Court of Justice is expected in the upcoming months, but the Quint, composed of Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, and the United States has exerted pressure on Serbia to recognize the independence of Kosovo. Spain, who ascended to the presidency of the EU in January, is opposed to such a move, and instead wishes for a mutually agreed upon solution.

There position is in the minority in the EU, with most nations siding with the Quint, who warned Serbia to not take aggressive actions. Serbia has vowed to oppose Kosovo's independence in peaceful, diplomatic and legal means. Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Slovakia and Romania are the only EU states which do not recognize Kosovo. Spain has opposed recognition because of fear of unsettling the fragile peace in the region, as well as European integration. Spain's domestic policies may also be shaping their opinion on the issue.

By Jacob Simkins

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