Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kosovo's Embassies

by Bri Roozen

Only two days after celebrating the second anniversary of Kosovo's independence from Serbia, it has officially opened its own embassy in Zagreb. This is just another blow to Serbia, who along with China, Russia, and a slew of UN members still considers Kosovo a fractured part of the larger country. Kosovo's first ambassador spoke at the opening, mentioning "Croatia is very important to us, it provides a good model for us in terms of what we need to do to achieve our goal of joining NATO and the European Union. A tall order for the little country when Croatia itself still isn't a member of the EU, and has just barely begun its time in NATO. Regardless of the uphill battle ahead for the little not-quite-Serb state, its nice to see they're not backing down, even if maybe they should just a bit.

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