Sunday, October 31, 2010

Human Rights Watch Calls for Election Season to be Free of Abuses

As the 2011 election season begins in Uganda, the Human Rights Watch has issued a press release calling for the campaign season to be free of abuses. The past two election campaigns have been plagued by violence against political opponents and intimidation of the media. Rona Peligal, the Africa director of Human Rights Watch, has said that "Voters and the news media need to feel safe to debate ideas and to express themselves if Uganda is going to have a free and fair election. It’s up to the government to work to prevent abuses that would undermine this crucial campaign period." While these abuses are highlighted in the election seasons, they are just as common in non-election years as well. Additionally, the Ugandan government and military do not even try to limit these abuses being enacted by those within their ranks, specifically when it comes to political opposition violence. The Human Rights Watch is calling on the Ugandan government to take a strong stand against these abuses so as not to "undermine the credibility" of the election.

Mary Naset

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