Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Extent of Witchcraft.

The genetic disease of Albinism is highly prized in Eastern Africa and in Tanzania specifically. Reports of witch doctors using the body parts of those living with Albinism has increased in recent years. Witch doctors claim that Albino body parts contain special powers which can do anything from make people richer or healthier. Though the security of albino people has been increased to some degree, there are still instances of albinos being kidnapped and sold. Just recently a young albino boy was kidnapped and dismembered for the uses of witchcraft in Burundi. This is a sign that the typical practice of Tanzanian witch doctors is now spreading. Whether anything tangible can be done to eliminate the murder of these albinos is yet to be seen. Currently there is extensive punishment for anyone caught selling an albino person, or possessing their body parts.

megan smith.

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