Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bukenya's Defeat shows Museveni is a Political Genius

Abbey Semuwemba from is extremely proud to be a Ugandan. With the end of the NRM primaries, she would like to extend her congratulations to President Museveni as a brilliant political brain; the best Uganda has had to date. He "managed to get rid of one his future opponents in his vice president, Gilbert Bukenya without firing a single bullet or anything like imprisonment." He genius move was just that; not hurting Bukenya in any way. I think this is quiet interesting and did not think much of it when I first read it. When examining the article closer, I realized that this is probably the first time in Ugandan history that an opponent was not physically hurt while the incumbent tried to secure the seat of President.

By: Ivana Miljic

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