Sunday, November 13, 2011

Talks Unlikely due to Sudan Conflict

Talks between Sudan and South Sudan are unlikely due to recent violence along the border regions, but the prospect of war is doubtful. According to President Salya Kirr of South Sudan, the South is not willing to further place its people in danger for the sake of fighting with the North. He stated he does not want the North infringing upon the sovereign rights of South Sudan. Subsequently, the northern army conducted two cross-border air strikes on both a refugee camp and a ground attack in the states of Unity and the Upper Nile. Khartoum rejected these charges claiming that Juba was “supplying the southern-aligned SPLM-North rebels that the Sudanese armed forces (SAF) claims to have defeated in Blue Nile state but continues to battle in South Kordofan.” Those analyzing the situation, claim the violence in the tense border regions are going to worsen the situation for Juba and Khartoum where disputes over allocating oil revenue and other post-secession issues.

Taryn Vaughan

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