Monday, March 7, 2011

Japanese PM Receives Pressure.

Overshadowed by the happenings of the Middle East, the Prime Minister of Japan has been called. According to recent reports, PM Naoto Kan's governing ability is lacking severely, and the best decision for the nation as a whole would be his resignation. This, alongside the recent resignation of Seiji Maehara, "the foreign minister who was a strong contender to succeed Kan" is suggesting that the state of Japan is in more trouble than once perceived. However, analysts suggest that this potential upset within the government would not significantly affect the international economy to a great degree immediately. With the focus on the Middle East rather than Asiatic nations, this could be the perfect opportunity for a shift in power within Japan as there is a potential for less emphasis and press on the matter, causing much less potential international hysteria over suspected international economic ramifications if the shift does not go smoothly.

megan smith

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