Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Private Military Contractors

With the recent discussion of private companies that make money on war, here is a company that supplies our Pentagon, Navy and commanders on the ground with equipment. Their most recent project, a super drone: which can track 64 combantants at once on a battlefield at one time.

With the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq dying down, private military contractors must finds new fields to invest their military projects in so they do not lose business. The recent propossed 100 billion dollars in cut backs in military spending, affects companies such as BAE sytems, which is a defense giant supplying trucks, artillery to top secret surveillance technology to our military, has to make cut backs, thus causing signifigant job loss. Similair to what we learned in last years class in regards to Dick Clarks warnings about cyber security, this company has focused its projects on such areas, due to fears about China and Russia.

Politics plays a strong role in defense spending as well, for Obama will more likely begin cuting defense projects on weapons systems much easier that he can cut health care progrms for employees.

Greg Voegtle


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