Thursday, November 4, 2010

Judge orders Ugandan paper to stop publishing "gay lists"

The order to Rolling Stone Magazine from Justice Musoke Kibukka came on Monday to temporarily stop publishing name or pictures of anyone "perceived by the respondents to be gay, lesbian, or homosexual in general." Persons at Sexual Minorities Uganda were very pleased and praised the decision of the judge. Frank Mugisha, Chairman of Sexual Minorities Uganda, said "this is a lession. At least the law has shown some intelligence. It shows the media cannot invade other peoples' rights and violate other peoples' privacy." The next hearing in this case is to going to be held on November 23. However the harassment of homosexuals in Uganda has not stopped, despite the order to stop all publications. Homosexuality is condemed and will continue to be regardless of pictures and names being published in a magazine. Gay Rights groups in Uganda have said that at least four people have already been attacked since the tabloid published the first list of people considered gay.

By: Ivana Miljic

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