Sunday, September 25, 2011

US group: Sudan moving troops to contested area

A U.S. NGO, the Satellite Sentinel Project has identified Sudanese military forces marching towards the southern border with South Sudan. According to the Satellite Sentinel Project, the Sudanese military is stepping up heavy military operations in the region, including the use of artillery and armored vehicles.
The three southern regions feeling military pressure from the government in Khartoum politically and culturally ally closer to black tribal South Sudan. This has caused further tension in the region. Further, the fighting between the Government of Sudan and the Southern Rebels has inhibited the distribution of much needed humanitarian aid.

In addition to identifying military movement towards the southern region of Sudan, two mass graves have been identified by the Satellite Sentinel Project. Solidly providing evidence that hostilities have not subsided with the establishment of the new independent state of South Sudan.

Stephen Phelps

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